Deploy backend

Build the distribution package

sheetbase build -b


Backend code is distributed to Google Apps Script server. Run this command to redeploy.

sheetbase deploy -b

Google authorization

The backend app may require different Google Oauth scopes for accessing certain Google services. You must approve the process whenever changing scopes.

Note that, these permissions require by YOUR backend app and manage by you only, not anything related or managed by Sheetbase developers.

See scopes from Google Apps Script editor: File > Project properties > (Scopes tab)

To change scopes manually, see: Be aware, changing scopes may break your backend when no permission for running certain functions.

When the backend app requires more scopes, it will show an error message like: Not authorized .... To authorize again, go to the Apps Script editor:

  1. From Publish
  2. Click Deploy as webapp...
  3. Select the latest version from Project version:
  4. Click Update
  5. A permission review dialog show up, click Review Permissions
  6. Follow the Oauth process, feel free to ignore the unverified app error
  7. May redeploy the backend: sheetbase deploy -b