Project structure

Local project

A Sheetbase project contains a backend app and a frontend app structured as below. This chart shows basic files of a project, frontend app structure is different between frontend frameworks, for example, an Angular app.

backend/ <!-- the backend app -->
    src/ <!-- main source code -->
    .clasp.json <!-- @google/clasp configs -->
    appsscript.json <!-- apps script configs -->
    rollup.config.js <!-- build tool configs -->
frontend/ <!-- the frontend app (Angular) -->
sheetbase.json <!-- Sheetbase configs -->
prerender.json <!-- prerender configs -->
robots.txt <!-- robots configs -->
package.json <!-- project info -->

Google Drive

Sheetbase project remote assets stored in a Google Drive folder, there is at least one Apps Script file as the distributed backend app, a sample project structure.

Sheetbase project: My Project <!-- a folder, project home -->
    My Project Backend <!-- an apps script file -->
    My Project Database <!-- a spreadsheet file -->

Google Cloud project

A Google Apps Script project is powrered by a Google Cloud Plarform project, you can view errors, logs and manage other GCP features by heading to the GCP Console project associated with the backend.

From the Apps Script editor: Resources > Cloud Platform project..., then click on the project id link.