Build the frontend


Develop the frontend app according to the frontend framework: Angular, Vue, React, …

Generate the distribution package

Sheetbase CLI provides a build command for building the project distribution package. To build the frontend.

sheetbase frontend build

Optional, pre-render the app, may need Chrome path setup below.

sheetbase frontend prerender

You can also run all the command above with one command.

sheetbase build --frontend

Setup Chrome path

Sheetbase CLI need Chrome for sheetbase frontend prerender command. By default, it looks for environment variable named GOOGLE_CHROME or C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe on Windows.

You can set your Chrome path variable to different Chrome execution location.


For Windows user, open Start menu, search for variables, select Edit environment variables for your account, then click New ...:

Click OK to save. Check if it set correctly, from command line, run to see the ouput:


macOS and Linux

export GOOGLE_CHROME=<path to chrome execution>

Verify by running: