Build the backend


Backend app can be develop similarly to develop a ExpressJS app, server modules help develop quickly, see Server section for more.

Develop your first REST API server using Sheetbase by reading basic use of the Core server, or see sample backend code.

Generate the distribution package

Sheetbase CLI provides a build command for building the project distribution package. To build the backend.

sheetbase backend build

You can build the backend by running the build command:

sheetbase build --backend

Test backend

Sheetbase Testing package is a tool for testing Sheetbase server routes.

Install: npm install --save-dev @sheetbase/testing

Test the backend with mocha and chai:

// import testing browser
import { Browser } from '@sheetbase/testing';

// import app instance
import * as App from '../src/index';

// init a browser instance for the app
const browser = new Browser(App);

// begin test
describe('Home routes', () => {

  it('GET /', () => {
    const { body } = browser.get('/');
    expect(body).to.contain('Sheetbase Backend');

  it('POST /', () => {
    const { body } ='/');
    expect({ title: 'Sheetbase Backend' });


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